Storytelling in Business and Organizations

The Story of Your Company or Organization

Clients, customers and donors relate to a good story! Your organization has a story to tell and your employees can be your best storytellers.

Effective leaders know that stories build relationships and can create long lasting bonds with clients.

David Joe’s training workshops will provide your leadership team or employee population with effective strategies to:

  • Develop stories that will share the core values of your organization
  • Build strong narrative presentation skills, even for the most reluctant speaker
  • Promote unity in all areas of management and strengthen relationships
  • Strengthen relationships with clients and donors

“Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”
– Howard Gardner, Harvard University

Narrative Presentation

The best speakers weave stories into their presentations for two reasons, they want their audience to listen to the presentation and they want their audience to remember the presentation.

Many business leaders have no background in storytelling and even though they recognize the importance of narrative in presentations they find the task of telling the story somewhat awkward.

David Joe’s narrative presentation workshops are designed to:

  • Build confident speaking skills that will allow you to connect with the audience
  • Improve your vocal presence and range
  • Strengthen your ability to deliver a powerful and memorable message
  • Take the boredom out of the Powerpoint presentation

As a humorist and key note, his ability to engage the audience is unsurpassed. His stories will have you rolling with laughter one minute, wiping a tear the next and always wanting more!
– North American Philips Medical Sales

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